About us

INETTECH.io is a technology company founded in 2019 in Germany. We specialize in online marketplaces for emerging markets. Most emerging economies are dominated by imports.

Therefore, our main focus is on promoting the export and domestic economy with the newest IT technologies. We create technical platforms to participate more effectively on the world trade.
Information technology plays a significant role in our lives. We depend on the constant flow of information on the Internet. Furthermore, every single person returns information. This is a huge pool of information.

A huge database of knowledge and information. At any time around the clock and from any place usable.

Every person in this world wants to participate. This opens up new possibilities.
Society is changing. It is not a new phenomenon. Throughout human history, this process is an eternal companion.

The way we approach things changes depending on the technology available to humanity at that moment.

So also the kind of consumer behavior. Everything becomes faster, easier and more effective. The smartphone makes it possible...

iNetTech.io uses this foundation and develops modern, contemporary solutions that set new standards.

We are currently in the growth phase. For strategic reasons, there is no detailed information about our individual projects.

But please visit this page again in few months...


We are looking for investors and business partners to further expand our network.

If you are interested in participating in our company. Then please contact us.


Michael Gross
Spitzengasse 8
72800 Eningen


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